Commercial LED Lighting

Hamilton Electric wants to help you switch over to Commercial LED Lighting. LED Lights are just as luminous as other lights, but use significantly less power. Our LED Retrofits will save you money by reducing operating costs, as well as help out the environment and keep your company “green”.
We have spent the last several years doing a wide array of LED retrofit installations; both Horizontal and Vertical coolers, HI-Bays, PAR and Reflector floods for recessed, track and other directional lighting, display Valances, and Signage. Pictures of our work with LEDs can be viewed at the examples of our work page.
“Going Green”, “Reduce Your Energy Footprint”, “LED”, “Rare Earth Phosphor Crisis” and “Economic Downturn” are words that have increasingly dominated the Retail Facilities Management world throughout the past several years.
To help maintain our environment many of us want to “Go Green” to save energy (and $$$), but often times the initial capital outlay of converting to LED systems can be a daunting task in terms of cost, time and the sheer volume of choices out there. For exterior lighting there are exceptional conversions for Wall packs, Parking lot lighting and Accent Lighting. We have worked with a variety of manufacturers over the years and built some strong relationships. We can help you wade through the sea of LED choices out there and narrow the field down to quality, cost effective choices that meet your facility needs.
The cost and available options of LED systems continue to improve and we are set up to capitalize on available energy rebates and in many cases we can create custom rebate packages with utility companies. That once daunting price tag, can become a very attractive Return on Investment, especially when combined with the extremely low maintenance costs that LEDs offer for years after the retrofit. If an LED retrofit is something you are looking at right now, and you need help selecting, installing, pricing, or capitalizing on rebates associated with LEDs, Contact us and we will help you every step of the way.