LED Lighting and Utility Rebates Energy Management

Hamilton Electric knows that energy costs comprise 85% of the total cost to operate and maintain a lighting system. Reducing your Energy consumption is the most effective way to reduce your lighting maintenance costs. This can be done through Commercial LED Lighting projects and utility rebates from local power companies.
Implementing an energy management plan can mean huge savings for a single building or your entire company. In some cases, the incentives of the utility rebates virtually pay for the lighting retrofit project. These rebates can take a Return On Investment (ROI) from years to months.
Hamilton Electric services include a wide range of energy reduction projects that will cut costs and improve your lighting system. From retrofits that can reduce lighting costs by 50% to relamping/reballasting projects that yield big savings, we can find a great solution that fits any type of commercial or industrial space.
Hamilton electric works closely with the local power companies across the USA to generate the most savings for your company through utility rebates.